Every great team is surrounded by great people. Ken and Alicia Lund are affiliated with some of the best real estate brokers in the Reno-Sparks market.  

Rick Lund, CRS, GRI

Rick Lund is one of the best in the business. Rick has been selling real estate in the Reno-Sparks area for 40 years and has lived continuously in the area for over 60 years. Rick has earned a reputation as one of the premier real estate professionals in the area. And with good reason. Rick is one of the most competent real estate brokers in the valley. He knows more about about the Reno-Sparks real estate market, what a buyer or seller needs to do to maximize their value, and how to ensure a transaction runs smoothly than possibly anyone. When you work with a broker like Rick Lund, you realize that not all real estate professionals are equal.  Rick's elite abilities, knowledge, and level of service are reflected in the fact that the children and grandchildren of many of his clients are now Rick's clients as well.

Rick has been a major presence in the Reno-Sparks real estate industry for decades. In 1988, Rick co-founded Ferrari-Lund Real Estate and grew it into one of the largest real estate brokerages in northern Nevada, with up to 165 licensees. Several years ago, Rick sold his interest in Ferrari-Lund so that he could dedicate his time to the aspect of his career he has always loved most--helping his clients reach their goals in buying and selling their homes. Rick still works full-time and is as busy and productive as ever, though he manages to find time to raise, train, and fly his falcons and goshawks in the early morning.

Ken and Alicia have been privileged to be affiliated with Rick, Ken's father and professional mentor. He has passed on to Ken and Alicia his unmatched real estate knowledge and experience. Rick and his wife Nancy (Ken's mother) are currently on an 18-month sabbatical serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and will return Summer, 2019. In the meantime, if you are a client of Rick's, feel free to contact Ken and Alicia for the same level of outstanding knowledge and service.  

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Ferrari-Lund Real Estate

Ken and Alicia Lund are affiliated with Ferrari-Lund Real Estate, the same company Ken's father co-founded in 1988. Over the past 25 years, Ferrari-Lund has grown into one of the largest and best-respected real estate brokerages in the Reno-Sparks area.  With over 180 well-regarded professional and qualified agents, Ferrari-Lund remains a strong presence in the real estate community. Ferrari-Lund's experienced brokers and well-developed policies and practices ensure clients receive the level of care they deserve.