Real estate is serious business. Choose a serious professional. Real estate sales and purchases are frequently the largest transactions people undertake during their lifetime. With so much on the line, select the real estate professional best equipped to help you find the home of your dreams, identify the soundest investments, achieve the best terms and purchase price; avoid hidden pitfalls; and navigate the complex laws, contracts, and disclosures that are part of any real estate transaction.                

1. You want a real estate professional who proficiently understands the contracts, laws, and disclosures involved in the transaction. Real estate contracts, laws, and disclosures are complicated, and there are more pages than ever. You need real estate professionals who know what they mean. Ken Lund understands them better than most. He is one of the few real estate licensees in the Reno-Sparks area that is also a licensed Nevada attorney. Though Ken dedicates all of his time to assisting his clients in real estate sales and purchases and does not currently practice law, his background as a law firm partner is invaluable to his clients. In fact, Ken actively assists the Reno/Sparks Association of Realtors in writing and revising the contracts and disclosures Realtors in the Reno-Sparks area use in every transaction.      

2. You want a real estate professional who has real experience selling homes. There is great value in having an experienced agent who is no stranger to real estate transactions. Ken and Alicia Lund regularly sell between 40 to 50 homes per year. During the past year, Ken and Alicia have sold multiple luxury homes exceeding $1 Million (up to $2.15 Million). They have sold vacant land and condominiums as well. Regardless of whether the home is a first-time-home, a fixer-upper investment, land for a dream home, or an elite luxury property, Ken and Alicia have the resources, skills, and experience to successfully help you buy or sell the home. They are never too busy for your call.   

3. If you are listing your home, you want a real estate professional who will provide you, free of charge, with stunning photography and, if appropriate, drone photography, a 3D virtual tour, AND a complimentary professional home deep cleaning. When you list your home with Ken and Alicia, you will receive dazzling complimentary photography from some of Reno's best real estate photographers, paid for by Ken and Alicia. If appropriate, Ken and Alicia will also pay for a comprehensive 3D virtual tour, which allows viewers to tour your home as if they were there (see some examples here, here, and here) and aerial drone photography. The majority of buyers will decide whether to visit your home based on the images they see on the internet. You can count on Ken and Alicia to provide high-caliber imaging that will ensure your listing stands out among the competition. In addition, in most instances, Ken and Alicia will arrange for your home to be deep cleaned by an outstanding real estate cleaning professional, at Ken and Alicia's cost.            

4. You want a real estate professional who is obsessed with Reno-Sparks real estate. Few real estate professionals know the Reno-Sparks area better than Ken Lund. He is a Reno-Sparks native who has lived in both Reno and Sparks, and loves both cities. Ken has driven on every street in the Reno-Sparks area--he has the map to prove it. In addition to having sold homes in nearly every area of the city, Ken exhaustively researches and tracks each neighborhood and subdivision in the Reno-Sparks area. He has created what he believes is the most comprehensive interactive directory of Reno-Sparks neighborhoods and subdivisions available on the internet today. You can view the map here. This knowledge is essential to both buyers and sellers. If you are a buyer, you want a Realtor with a detailed understanding of all areas of the city. If you are a seller, you want an informed opinion about how your home compares with the competition. Ken and Alicia offer the knowledge you need to get maximum value.          

5. You want a real estate professional who has the confidence and experience to negotiate on your behalf. You entrust your Realtor to negotiate on your behalf. Select a Realtor who knows how to negotiate. Ken and Alicia are both collegiately trained negotiators. They are experienced real estate professionals who close approximately 40 to 55 transactions per year, including a number of complex transactions. They are no strangers to high stakes negotiation. As an attorney, Ken was entrusted to negotiate transactions and settlements with more than $10 Million at issue. He has negotiated with some of the state's most respected attorneys and mediators. Experience breeds confidence and skill. You can count on Ken and Alicia to effectively negotiate on your behalf.    

6. You want a real estate professional who communicates with precision and clarity. In real estate contracts, words matter. Ambiguities in real property disclosures, repair addenda, contingency clauses, personal property clauses, or additional terms and conditions have not only killed transactions, they have led to expensive litigation. With Ken and Alicia, you can be confident your intentions will be clearly communicated even in the most complicated transactions. Even among attorneys--a profession where clear writing is a core skill--Ken enjoyed a reputation among his peers as an outstanding writer. He was regularly entrusted to write complicated motions, appellate briefs, and contracts. Ken and Alicia craft real estate contracts, disclosures, and communications with other parties with careful precision and thoughtful consideration. This is why Ken and Alicia have been entrusted to handle real estate transactions in excess of $2 Million.

7. You want a real estate professional who clearly and frequently communicates with you. Whether you are buying or selling a home, Ken and Alicia Lund will be with you for every step of the transaction. Each step of the process, your obligations under Nevada law and the contract, and each of your alternatives will be explained clearly. Ken and Alicia will promptly return your calls, texts, and emails and will keep you updated on all aspects of the sale or purchase.    

8. If you are listing your home, you want a real estate professional who will use effective tools to market your property and show your home in its best light. The skills and services described above all play a part in effectively marketing your home. Ken and Alicia know how to get your home sold. Your home will be stunningly advertised in the key places where your home will be seen by qualified buyers, including the Northern Nevada Multiple Listing Service, major home websites, and print advertising (all paid for by Ken and Alicia). Ken and Alicia will host open houses as you desire and will communicate with potential buyers who respond to the attractive yard signage and fliers advertising your home for sale. Ken and Alicia also utilize, at their expense, targeted mailers and paid social media advertising directed towards likely buyers, neighbors (who may know others who want to live in the area), investors, and other potential buyers. Ken and Alicia will also offer sound advice and assistance in staging your home, finding an effective professional cleaner, identifying and addressing issues that could impair your ability to sell your home for top-dollar, and coordinating showing appointments to make the process of selling your home as hassle-free as possible.             

9. You want a real estate professional with an extensive professional network. Ken and Alicia Lund have developed an extensive network of qualified professionals they can refer for any services you need in conjunction with selling your home. Whether you need the services of a lender, escrow officer, inspector, contractor, handyman, accountant, insurance broker, roofer, plumber, landscaper, or whoever else, Ken and Alicia have options for you. Oftentimes, these are professionals Ken and Alicia frequently do business with, which helps ensure that you will get top-notch treatment.     

10. You want a real estate professional backed by a strong brand. Ken and Alicia Lund are proud to be affiliated with Ferrari-Lund Real Estate, one of the largest independently owned brokerages in the Reno-Sparks area, and the same company Ken's father co-founded in 1988. Over the past 30 years, Ferrari-Lund has grown into one of the largest, most respected, and most recognizable real estate brokerages in the area, with over 180 experienced real estate professionals. Ferrari-Lund agents are involved in approximately one-quarter of all residential real estate transactions in the area. If you list with Ken and Alicia, your homes will be featured on exclusive Ferrari-Lund broker tours, will be advertised among the extensive Ferrari-Lund network, and will be marketed with the recognizable and respected Ferrari-Lund brand.     

11. You want a real estate professional who is not afraid to tell you to walk away from a deal if necessary. Sometimes, Ken and Alicia's clients are best served when a transaction does not close, even it it means Ken and Alicia are paid nothing. Ken and Alicia put your interests first. You can always count on honest and sound advice from Ken and Alicia, even if it means a deal does not close. While no one can anticipate every risk or uncertainty associated with a real estate transaction, Ken and Alicia will give you the information you need to make as informed of a decision as possible.              

12. You want a real estate professional who is approachable. Ken and Alicia would be thrilled if you gave them a call. Whether you live elsewhere and are relocating to Reno-Sparks or live in the area already, we would love to speak with you about your real estate needs or anything else. You will find that Ken and Alicia are really nice people (at least they've been told). They recognize that new clients and referrals are the lifeblood of their business--they would love to speak with you today!