Disclaimers, Instructions, and Information  

1. This map is always a work in progress. It is never complete and the creation and updating of the map is continually ongoing. This compilation of information is the work product and is copyrighted by the author and may not be reproduced or copied without his written permission. It was originally primarily used for the author’s internal use, but he figured it would be interesting to others, so he has made it publicly available.  

2. By clicking on the neighborhood, the name and the builder(s) (if known and if applicable) will be pulled up in a sidebar. Additionally, for most neighborhoods, a link to a separate webpage with basic information and photos of the neighborhood will be displayed. Click on the link to visit the webpage for more information, or copy and paste it in a browser. The information herein has been compiled from the Washoe County Assessor's office, historical records, online resources, interviews with longtime residents, and the Northern Nevada Multiple Listing Service ("MLS"). It is not guaranteed or warranted. Though great efforts were taken to make it accurate, before you rely on something found herein, independently verify that it is accurate. Ken does make mistakes and the data he relies upon can often be limited, incomplete, or wrong.  

3. This map compiles data for residential real estate only, including single family residences, condominiums, and manufactured homes. This map does not provide information regarding apartments, multi-family units, or commercial real estate.

4. The MLS data is subject to variation depending on how the Realtor enters the information. The dates of sales are based on the "off-market" date listed in the MLS. The "off-market" date varies depending on the preferences of the Realtor and their client. Sometimes it is the date the listing status was changed to "pending." Most of the time, it is the date the listing "sold." Likewise, sometimes, Realtors incorrectly geotag their listings. While Ken Lund made efforts to eliminate listings that were incorrectly geotagged (a problem especially prevalent with new construction), some may have been missed and incorrectly included in certain results.  

4. In most instances, new construction data was compiled from data provided by the Washoe County Assessor's Office. Most resale data is compiled from the Northern Nevada Multiple Listing Service. In most instances, private sales or "For Sale by Owner" sales are not included in the data herein. 

5. The neighborhood and subdivision boundaries have been constructed from a number of sources, including subdivision boundaries identified in the records of the Washoe County Assessor's Office, literature and advertising from developers, reviews of aerial photos, and in some instances, subjective judgment calls from Ken Lund based on his understanding of the neighborhoods from historical research and interpretation of the data. Although efforts have been made to make the subdivision boundaries, there may be errors in the assessment data or in the entry of data.

6. The majority of homes in Reno-Sparks are part of a subdivision. Some homes, however--especially rural homes and custom-built homes—have never been part of a formal subdivision. This map, with a few exceptions, only provides information on defined subdivisions and neighborhoods.  Homes outside of a subdivision, even if they are very near to and very similar to a subdivision, are not reflected on this map or in the linked information pages. Some names assigned to subdivisions and groupings of neighborhoods onto one webpage are subjective and not official.

7. The photos depicting neighborhoods should not be relied upon as accurate representations of a neighborhood. The buildings depicted are not Ken Lund's listings and it should not be implied or construed that Ken Lund has had any relationship or involvement with any of the properties depicted. Nor should it be implied that any homes or buildings depicted in any images herein are for sale. It goes without saying that you should not visit or bother the occupants of any homes depicted. If any homes depicted in any images are for sale, the fact the home is depicted is purely coincidental and it is not the intent of the author to procure the business of someone who is in a written contract with a real estate professional or mislead a reader into believing that Ken and Alicia Lund are selling the property.

8. All of the images used herein are photos taken by Ken Lund and are copyrighted and in the highly unlikely event someone would actually want to use one, they may not be used for any reason without Ken's written permission.    

9. Nothing in this atlas should be construed as a solicitation of business directed towards a person in a signed written brokerage agreement with a real estate broker or his or her agents. Ken has no intention of interfering with a written contract.    

10. If you see anything inaccurate or incorrect, do not hesitate to give Ken Lund a call.