Here are some of the many benefits of allowing Ken and Alicia help you to purchase your home:


Elite knowledge of Reno-Sparks neighborhoods

Ken and Alicia know every neighborhood in Reno-Sparks, new and old, large and small. They will be a valuable resource in aiding in your home search.



Ken and Alicia handle approximately 45 to 50 real estate transactions per year. These transactions range from $200,000 condominiums to $2 Million homes. Whatever you are searching for, Ken and Alicia can help you find it.


It costs you nothing

In almost every real estate transaction (even in an extreme sellers’ market), the seller pays our fees. You pay us nothing for valuable representation throughout the process.

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Assistance with new construction

Don’t visit a new construction community unrepresented. It costs you nothing to bring Ken and Alicia with you (so long as they accompany you on your first visit), and you will gain valuable representation.


Easy access to homes for sale

Ken and Alicia will make the home-viewing process seamless. We will coordinate showing appointments and lockbox access. All you need to do is show up.


Elite knowledge of real estate purchase agreements and disclosures

As one of the few Realtors in the Reno-Sparks area that is a licensed attorney and a former law firm partner—and as a member of the committee that revises the contracts used by Realtors in the area, Ken can provide you with superior representing in negotiating the real estate contract.


Respected Ferrari-Lund Real Estate branding

Ferrari-Lund Real Estate is one of the most respected and successful real estate brokerages in the Reno-Sparks area.


Sound knowledge of city and county zoning

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Established presence in the community

Ken and Alicia are well-established and well-connected in the Reno-Sparks community. Our reputation and relationships with contractors, vendors, real estate professionals, and others make your transaction easier.

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Superior understanding of Reno-Sparks

Ken and Alicia Lund have sound understanding of issues to watch out for with various subdivisions. Ken is one of only a few Realtors with easy access to construction defect records for prior lawsuits. Ken’s family has been in real estate for 40 years and thus has a good understanding of the history of various development projects around the Reno-Sparks area.


Sound real estate advice at every step of the purchase of your home.

Ken and Alicia will be there for you at every step of your real estate transaction. You can expect promptly returned phone calls and emails, assistance in your home search, excellent understanding of the market, and elite knowledge of the many contracts and disclosures that are part of the contract. Ken and Alicia would love to work with you. Give them a call today.